Vulkan beveger | Parkour | Kyrre Texnæs og Oslo Parkour Park

OSLO Parkour PARK har vært med Kyrre Texnæs – creator of movements på Vulkan Oslo! Se hva vi gjorde denne dagen ✌️ A day with top parkour movers: Learning qualities any leader or worker would benefit deeply from. Today’s filming and event was part of a 4-part series of me co-creating with top movers and shakers within dance, parkour, music and food.

Supported by Oslo kommune and Aspelin Ramm/Vulkan Oslo.
Parkour movers in the video: Lars Christian Seiersten, Kevin Fjellmyr, Ansel Darrell, Nikolai Arnesen, Reza Afzali (and Gunde Parr and Silje Marlen Kristiansen being backstage this time)
Video: Kristoffer Heiskel Klakegg
Music: Amped Adapter by Marc Robillard (Artlist)
Artistic leader: Kyrre Texnæs – creator of movements . . .
Kyrre Texnæs – movementor
Kristoffer Heiskel Klakegg – film
Støttet av Oslo kommune og Aspelin Ramm